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  • 150lb 'CERBERUS' Short Stock Anglo Arms Crossbow

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    This rifle type crossbow, the "Cerberus" is made by Anglo Arms.

    With it's short wooden stock it looks like a Mad Max style "sawn off shotgun".

    With the power of a full size rifle crossbow but with a compact wooden stock this is a really good looking & functional crossbow.

    Boasting a 150lb draw weight and producing 210 feet per second velocity.
    The body is aluminium, with a fibreglass limb and wooden stock.

    This bow has an adjustable sight that can be altered for wind and elevation, can also be fitted with red dot/telescopic sights.

    With a removable foot stirrup to aid cocking of the string and a built in auto safety switch, this great looking crossbow is packed with features.

    Also supplied with 2 x 17" aluminium bolts.

    150lb Draw Weight.
    210 Feet Per Second.
    11" Power Stroke.
    Weight: 4.18lb.
    Dimensions: 26.5" x 26".
    Wooden Stock.
    Aluminium Body.
    Fibreglass Limb.
    Foot Stirrup.
    Adjustable Sight, Wind/Elevation.
    2 x Aluminium Bolts Included.

    Recommended bolts: 16" / 17" / 20" aluminium.

    Can be fitted with any 21-22mm weaver rail for the addition of any type of scope.

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