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  • 175lb Jaguar Deluxe MK2 Crossbow Rifle Kit With Red Dot Sight & Accessories. (Camo Version)

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    Also known as THE BEAST!

    This is one of our number one selling rifle crossbows, you really do get a lot of bang for your buck with this model.

    Not only does it look beautiful, it is extremely powerful, the construction is excellent & you will be very pleased with the quality of this crossbow.

    It comes with everything you need to get you started, however we do suggest adding a cocking rope as an extra as this will make it about 50% easier to pull the string back.

    The crossbow comes with an easy to use auto safety mechanism.

    In the box:
    175lb Jaguar Crossbow MK2 CAMO
    Red 3 Dot Multi Range Sight
    4x 16" Aluminium Bolts
    6 Bolt Quiver
    Fibreglass Limb

    Padded Shoulder Sling
    Foot Stirrup
    Stringer & Bow Wax/Rail Lube
    String with End Caps

    Aluminium Riser & Barrel
    ABS (Plastic) Stock
    Fibreglass Iimb
    10.5" Power Stroke With A Built In Auto Safety Mechanism 

    Delivers speeds of 245+ FPS (167 MPH) & up to 90 foot pounds of energy.

    This crossbow is also available In Black.

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