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  • 50LB Pistol Crossbow "The GEKKO" With Metal Cocking Aid.

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    A well built and extremely powerful 50lb pistol crossbow.

    The crossbow is supplied with everything you need to get your started including 5 bolts, string and a target on the box.

    Delivering speeds of 130 FPS (89 MPH). With a built in, easy to use safety mechanism and a metal cocking aid, this

    little entry level pistol bow is great value for money.

    Box Contents:
    50lb Pistol Crossbow.
    5x Plastic Bolts.
    String with End Caps.
    Metal Limb.

    Weight: 1.39lbs / 0.63kg
    Length: 12.5" / 320mm.
    String length: 17.5" / 450mm.
    Axle to axle: 17.5" / 450mm.
    Limb: Metal
    Body: ABS Plastic.
    Range: 80-100 meters.
    Bolt speed: Up to 130 F.P.S. / 89Mph.

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