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  • Air Rifle Dovetail To 20mm Weaver Picatinny Rail Scope Mount Riser Adaptor Converter

    £7.95 £6.95
    This inline dovetail rail adaptor allows you to convert the 11mm sight rails fitted on
    some air rifles to a 20-22mm weaver / picatinny rail.

    Converts to a 9 slot weaver rail, enabling you to mount a larger range of
    full size scopes and laser sights to the bow.

    Simply attaches to the dovetail grooves on pistol crossbows and is secured via two allen key bolts.

    * Allen key included.
    * Made from high quality, light weight aluminium.
    * Weight: 65 grams.
    * Overall length: 3.9" / 100mm.
    * Elevates: 0.4" / 10mm.
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