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  • Anglo Arms Legend Mk-400 175lb Draw Quad Limb Compound Crossbow Set

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    With its long draw stroke and lightweight composite stock, this crossbow packs an amazing amount of power in a lightweight package.
    Bolt speeds far exceed that of your average 175lb crossbow by a good margin and bring it closer in performance to crossbows with a 200lb draw weight.
    It also features a patented anti dry fire trigger which means you cannot fire the crossbow until a bolt is loaded.

    Includes built in string dampeners which reduce string vibration and make for a quieter shot. 


    ·       175lb Draw weight

    ·       360+ Fps

    ·       15" Power stroke

    ·       35" Length

    ·       Weight: Apx. 7.5lb

    ·       23" Width Fibreglass Quad Limb

    ·       String Dampeners

    ·       Anti Dry Fire Trigger

    ·       Auto setting, ambidextrous safety catch

    ·       Weaver sight rail

    ·       Full length lower weaver accessory rail

    ·       Fore grip adjustable fore and aft

    ·       Sprung ball bearing arrow retainer

    Use only 20" carbon or 20" aluminium bolts with this crossbow.

    Supplied as a full package kit!

    Also included with your crossbow:

    4x32 multi reticule red and green illuminated crossbow scope and mounts

    Rope cocking aid

    Shoulder sling

    4 bolt quick-detach quiver

    4 x 20" Mk aluminium rifle bolts

    String / rail lube

    Full hardware package, including all allen keys needed for assembly.

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