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    Brand new to the UK market, the Anglo Arms OP-360 80lb self cocking extended stock aluminium pistol crossbow.

    The 80lb draw weight 'OP-360' self cocking crossbow has an adjustable tactical arm grip and a special ops style

    shoulder stock which provides extra comfort and solid precise aiming.

    A high-powered tactical pistol bow - tested with a chronograph the supplied aluminium bolts fly at

    over 180 feet per second (123mph) ensuring maximum punch for your money!

    The all new design includes a 20-22mm weaver scope rail, so mounting any small scope or red dot sight

    to the bow is now a simple and straight forward process.

    Unlike other suppliers, TackleTheOutdoors.co.uk supplies the bow complete with 15 x 6.5” aluminium

    bolts and a spare 80lb pistol bow string.


    Self-cocking feature: Simple and safe while ensuring precise string alignment.

    Auto-safety mechanism which engages when cocking the bow.

    Bolt retainer.

    Resin construction.

    Tactical adjustable grip.

    Tactical adjustable shoulder stock.

    High-tech fibreglass limb.

    Brand: Anglo Arms.

    Item Brand: OP-360 ®

    Includes 15 aluminium pistol bolts and a spare 80lb pistol bow string.

    We carry a large stock of spare bolts and replacement strings for all our 80lb pistol bows.

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