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  • Anglo Arms Panther 175lb Crossbow Kit With Accessories CB-PANTHER-175LB-BLK-DLX

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    NEW AND EXCLUSIVE!  The 'Panther' has arrived!  

    The Panther is the next level in crossbow design.

    This is the brand new and superbly updated version of the much loved Jaguar crossbow.

    The panther has a new tactical design with a skeleton limb. The stock is fully adjustable so you can ensure the

    crossbow is a perfect fit to your shoulder, achieving a comfortable shooting position shot after shot.

    It also features an all new patented anti dry fire safety mechanism.

    The accessory package includes a red dot sight, a 4 bolt quiver, stringer, lube & 4 bolts.


    Tactical style design

    Foot Stirrup

    10.5" Power Stroke

    Patented Anti Dry-Fire safety mechanism

    Adjustable stock

    4 Arrow Quiver

    Red Dot Sight


    Crossbow rail lube

    245 ft/s

    31.5" Length / 26" Axle-Axle

    Weight: 5.1 lbs

    Brand:  Anglo Arms, Panther ®

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