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  • Anglo Arms Panther 175lb Deluxe CAMO Crossbow Kit With Accessories

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    NEW AND EXCLUSIVE!  The CAMO 'Panther' has arrived!  

    The Panther is the next level in crossbow design - combining tactical style with high performance.

    This is the brand new and superbly updated version of the much loved Jaguar crossbow.

    The panther has a new tactical design with a skeleton limb.

    The stock is fully adjustable so you can ensure the crossbow is a perfect fit to your shoulder, achieving a

    comfortable shooting position shot after shot.

    It also features an all new patented anti dry fire safety mechanism.

    The accessory package includes a red dot sight, a 4 bolt quiver, stringer, lube & 4 bolts.


    Tactical style design

    Foot Stirrup

    10.5" Power Stroke

    Patented Anti Dry-Fire safety mechanism

    Adjustable stock

    4 Arrow Quiver

    Red Dot Sight


    Crossbow rail lube

    245 ft/s

    31.5" Length / 26" Axle-Axle

    Weight: 5.1 lbs

    Brand:  Anglo Arms, CAMO Panther ®

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