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  • Fire-Maple Star FMS-X2 Cooking System Portable Camp Stove

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    Fire-Maple Star FMS-X2 Outdoor Cooking System Portable Camp Stove Piezo Ignition.
    The STAR FMS-X2 cooking system is ideal for a two-person trip.
    With a 1 litre pot capacity, the FMS-X2 stove is the perfect high-power, compact & lightweight solution for rustling up your session grub or making a decent sized brew.

    2.2kw / 7500 BTU power output, nested design, lightweight and compact.
    Sturdy and stable, with a waterproof and insulated pot cover.
    The stove kit weighs just 620g (exc. gas canister).
    Built in piezoelectric igniter, no need for matches.

    With over 2kw/2000w of power, these are amongst the best stoves out there.
    With the built-in heat exchange on the base of the pot, the X2 cooking system copes brilliantly in all conditions and the insulated pot jacket keeps things warm too.
    Faster boil times mean reduced cooking time and less gas used.
    Just slightly larger than the X3 model, the X2 has you covered if you are bringing a friend.
    With just one 450g canister of NGT propane/butane mix gas, you can boil around 40 litres of water depending on the weather conditions, as much tea as you can handle! (Gas not included)

    * Hugely efficient 2.2kw/7500 BTU burner.
    * Nested design.
    * The X2 has a generous 1 litre cooking capacity pot.
    * Waterproof sleeve, the pot is covered by a waterproof and insulating sleeve, keeping food/liquids hotter for longer.
    * Built-in folding handle, heavy-duty fold away handle to hold the pot.
    * Includes an extra steel pot stand with fold out supports for cooking with other pots & pans.
    * All the parts can be stored neatly away in the pot.
    (Gas canister removed).
    * Heat exchange - increases the efficiency of stove by 30%, boiling 1 litre of water in around 3.5 minutes.
    * The heat exchange feature also acts as an efficient wind guard.
    * The stove can run on butane, propane or a mix of both gasses.

    Note: If using at altitude or below 5 degrees C, it is recommended that you use propane or propane mix gas to power the stove.

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