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  • Hexamine Solid Fuel Stove Mini Hexi Flat Foldable Emergency Heater Cooker Inc. 12 Hexi Tablets

    £12.95 £8.95
    High quality, light weight flat to fold out emergency heater / cooking stove.
    Can quickly and easily be folded into shape.
    Great to have on fishing trips.
    An ideal emergency heat source.

    * Made from steel (not tin plate).
    * Light weight, flat to fold out design for easy storage.
    * A must have piece of kit for all survival & bush-craft enthusiasts.
    * For use with solid fuel (hexamine) tablets. (12 X 10g tablets included).
    * Size: 115 X 88 X 2mm (flat size).
    * Weight: 32 grams.

    Hexamine tablets:
    * 10 grams per tablet.
    * Easy to light.
    * Hot, clean burning, low odour solid fuel.
    * The tablets will burn away completely leaving little or no residue.

    I have personally tested these fold out stoves.
    At around 5 degrees centigrade, two 10g hexi tablets boiled my half full NGT quick
    boil kettle in less than 5 minutes with plenty of heat to spare.
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