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  • High Power Hunting Slingshot Catapult Including Spare Power Band & 100 X 10MM Ammo

    £12.95 £9.95

    Made by Anglo Arms, this powerful slingshot catapult will deliver the included 10mm

    steel ball bearing ammo at very high speed to your target.

    This superb slingshot has a built in foldable steel wrist lock support for improved aim & balance.

    Please Note: Other slingshot/catapult sellers only include 6-7mm ammo which is

    far too small to be an effective ammo.

    This superior package includes:

    * 1 X High powered slingshot with folding wrist support & fitted latex power band.

    * 1 X Retailed packaged spare surgical latex power band.

    * 100 X 10mm steel ball bearing ammo.


    * Pocket sized slingshot.

    * Only measures 180mm high & 80mm in width when folded.

    * Weight: 225 grams.

    * Folding wrist lock support.

    * Manufactured from the latest space age materials.

    * Includes fitted surgical latex power band.

    * Firm positive grip for steady aim and superior accuracy.

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