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  • Size 8 Carp Coarse Fishing Hair Rigs x2 With Camo Weed Effect 20lb Braid Line

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    Made from high quality 20lb breaking strain braid line, these weed effect

    hair rigs blend in perfectly when set on a gravel or mud bed. 

    The lifelike weed material imitates natural plant life and will fool the wariest of fish!

    The rigs can be used with meat or pellets as well as sinking or pop up boilies.

    The hair can be set in place in the normal way using standard hair stops.


    * Made from 20lb braid line.

    * Rig length: 160mm.

    * Hair length: 25mm.

    * UK size 8 barrel swivel.

    * Size 8 - Ultra sharp, wide gape carbon steel barbed hooks.

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