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  • Tree Steps Climbing Spike Screws For Camping Survival Shelter Making

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    Pack of 4 HAWK tree steps.

    Climb with confidence! Mega steps are oversized for strength and the aggressive knurl design with raised ends provide extreme traction for secure & stable climbing.

    Self-starting "Auger tip" threads, quickly dig into dense hardwood making installation much easier.

    The highly reflective tips help locate your steps from a distance in dusk hours.

    Strap on a headlamp, the tips of the steps will glow as you climb or descend!

    As well as climbing, tree screw steps can be used in many innovative ways when camping, hunting or in a survival situation.

    Use the screws to securely lash the upright branch limbs of a lean-to shelter to.

    Hang your rucksack, kit bag etc safely above the ground, great for hanging water storage containers and fire log bundles from.

    The list is endless!

    *Proven angled design.
    *When correctly installed in to a tree each step will hold 125kg/275lb.
    *Rock solid oversized step with raised ends.
    *Made from heavy duty 1/2" diameter hardened steel - each step weighs a solid 280 grams.
    *Anti slip diamond patterned step surface.
    *Auger tipped thread for fast secure threading.
    *Highly reflective yellow tips.

    *Eight steps should allow a climb of 12-15FT depending on the size of your arm/leg reach.

    *Always read and follow the safety advice label.
    *For use by experienced climbers only.
    *Always ensure the screw threads are fully installed in the climbing tree before climbing.
    *Make sure the step is horizontally aligned with the tree.
    *When climbing, do not position the next screw so that you have to over-reach to climb.
    *Always use an appropriate safety harness and climbing rope.

    *It is not recommended that you use these steps when climbing alone.

    CrossbowSurvival assumes no responsibility for personal injury, death, damage or loss arising from the use of this product howsoever caused.

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